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Priorities for the Future

Throughout both favorable and challenging times, Mayor Lynn Deutsch has steered our city, offering the essential stability and leadership required to move Dunwoody forward together. By embracing a collaborative problem-solving approach, nurturing a visionary perspective for our future, and demonstrating unwavering dedication to our community, she will continue to lead us toward a more vibrant, community-friendly city.  

Mayor Lynn's Priorities Include:

Continue to support our police force and work to improve public safety (including EMS response times)


Continue to reinvigorate Dunwoody Village and other commercial areas


Continue to enhance our parks, recreation, and arts opportunities


Continue to work to improve traffic and congestion in Dunwoody while protecting our community from the impact of projects outside our jurisdiction


Continue to work to improve our public works projects to minimize impacts on residents and commuters


Continue to collaborate with other DeKalb leaders to advocate for improvements in the DeKalb County School System

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